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Ernest and the BIG Itch

Ernest and the BIG Itch

Laura T. Barnes
Illustrator:  Carol A. Camburn 
Picture Book  Series
For ages 4 to 7
Barnesyard Books, 2002   ISBN: 978-0967468129

One morning, while Chipper the bird and his sister are enjoying the sunrise, their lovely home on top of its pole starts to shake. In fact it shakes so much that their nest is quite messed up as it is flung around the house. Chipper goes outside to see what could possibly be causing all the shaking and after a time he discovers that there is a very small donkey standing at the bottom of the pole and that the donkey is making the house shake because he is using the pole to scratch his back.

Chipper decides to ask the donkey if he would please scratch someplace else. Now the donkey, Ernest, is very sorry about the trouble he has caused but he explains to Chipper that the tree house pole is the best place for his back scratching activities. Chipper then decides to try to help Ernest find a different back scratching place.

Together the two animals not only solve Ernest’s big itch problem but they also begin a new friendship based on kindness and cooperation.

This charming little picture book is sure to delight parents and teachers who are looking for a way to show their children how friends help one another solve problems. By working together the bird and the donkey found a solution to their difficulty and they also founded a new friendship.