Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Empty Fridge

Empty Fridge

Gaetan Doremus
Picture Book
For ages 6 and up
Wilkins Farago , 2013   ISBN: 978-0987109934

Today the people who live in the apartment building have been busy working, talking with friends, cycling, making music and doing all the other kinds of things that people do. In the evening they come home to find that none of them have anything to eat. They were all so busy that they forgot that there was nothing in their fridges and cupboards.

   Andrew, who lives in the basement and who plays music on the streets during the day, finds that he has a bunch of carrots. He decides to go upstairs to see if Nabil can lend him some peas. Nabil does not have any vegetables at all, but he does manage to find two eggs and piece of cheese. When they put what they have together they don’t have enough to make a meal, but perhaps the family on the second floor will be able to add to their food stash.

   By the time they get to Rose’s apartment on the top floor, the residents of the apartment building have carrots, two eggs, cheese, one green capsicum, some chives, some tomatoes, a little flour, some butter, and some milk. Rose invites everyone into her home and they put their heads together. Surely there is something that they can make with the ingredients that they have.

   This unique story is full of surprises, and readers will be delighted when they see how the story turns out. With a message that is full of hope, this is a book readers of all ages will appreciate.