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Eloise Breaks Some Eggs

Eloise Breaks Some Eggs

Hilary Knight , Laura Jacobsen
Illustrator:  Tammie Lyon 
Fiction  Series
For ages 4 to 6
Simon and Schuster, 2004   ISBN: 978-0689873683

One day Nanny tells Eloise - who is six ā€“ that it is time for her lesson. Is it a piano lesson? No. A French lesson? No. Nanny says that Eloise is going to have a cooking lesson, and she is going to learn how to cook eggs. Eloise is not at all keen because she does not like to cook. Nanny then reminds Eloise that the little girl likes to break things and egg cooking always begins with breaking the eggs.

In a rush Eloise is off to the kitchens. Breaking eggs sounds like fun. The cook demonstrates how an egg should be broken and he then tells Eloise to try. Needless to say Eloiseā€™s effort is a disaster! Egg, eggshell, and pieces of broken crockery go flying. Poor Nanny, what is she going to do with Eloise?

Young children who are eager to try their hand at cooking will love this story of mayhem in the kitchen. One can always rely on Eloise to be entertaining and she certainly makes reading great fun. A simple text and full page illustrations make this title in the Ready-to-Read series a winner for new readers.