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Eloise at the Ball Game

Eloise at the Ball Game

Lisa McClatchy
Illustrator:  Tammie Lyon 
Fiction  Series
For ages 4 to 6
Aladdin, 2008   ISBN: 978-1416958031

Eloise, Nanny, and Eloise's dog Weenie are all going to the stadium to watch a baseball games. Eloise and Weenie wear their team shirts and hats. Eloise is very excited and Nanny has a hard time getting the little girl out of the apartment.

Now they are at the stadium and Eloise starts to load up with snacks. First there is popcorn. Then she asks for a hot dog, or two. Then she gets some peanuts. Nanny has to put her foot down when Eloise reaches for the cotton candy. Eloise is eating far too many snacks. If she keeps this up she will get sick.

Then Eloise's favorite player steps up to home plate to try his luck. Eloise and Nanny are sitting right behind the plate and can see him very well. The player hits a foul ball which, to her delight, Eloise catches. Then he hits another foul ball. Oh no! Is Eloise's favorite player going to make it?

In this delightful book, Eloise, the precocious six-year-old who lives in the Plaza Hotel, goes to watch a baseball game. Young fans of the game will be charmed by this simple yet engaging story, and laughs will certainly be forthcoming when children look at the funny pictures which are found throughout the book.