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Eloise and the Dinosaurs

Eloise and the Dinosaurs

Lisa McClatchy
Illustrator:  Tammie Lyon 
Fiction  Series
For ages 4 to 6
Simon and Schuster, 2006   ISBN: 0689874537

Eloise is a little girl who lives in the city. Instead of going to school Eloise has a tutor who is called Philip. Today Philip and Nanny are taking Eloise to the museum so she can see the dinosaurs that are on display there. As is usual, Eloise gets particular pleasure out of teasing poor Philip. She not only copies everything he says but she also puts her pink bow on the horn of the triceratops, among other things.

Little children will love the ways in which Eloise creatively tries the patience of the grownups in her life. Her love of mischief is something everyone can identify with. After all haven’t we all wished we could climb on the dinosaurs in the museum?

A simple and engaging text and amusing illustrations make this a perfect book for beginner readers.