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Eloise and the Big Parade

Eloise and the Big Parade

Lisa McClatchy
Illustrator:  Tammie Lyon 
Fiction  Series
For ages 4 to 6
Simon and Schuster, 2007   ISBN: 978-1416935230

It is the Fourth of July and there is going to be a parade today. Nanny gets out Eloise's special Fourth of July outfit. She is going to wear a blue dress, white shoes, and a red bow.

Soon enough Nanny, Eloise, and Eloise's dog Weenie are in the stands waving their American flags. It is all very exciting and when the marching band arrives Eloise and Weenie have a wonderful time pretending that they are playing instruments too. Clowns throwing candy follow and then there are floats. Eloise especially likes the float from New Orleans because the people on the float throw party beads. Then there are the mounted police with their beautiful horses.

On and on the parade goes. Of course nanny has her hands full for Eloise very much gets into the spirit of the parade. Being Eloise she does not believe in sitting quietly on the sidelines. Dear me no! This little six year old strongly believes in participating fully in what is going on around her and this parade is not exception to that rule.

Eloise fans will greatly enjoy this holiday adventure in which Eloise truly gets into the spirit of a New York City Fourth of July parade. There can be do doubt that her poor nanny must, on numerous occasions, wish that they were somewhere else! Never mind Nanny, this holiday only comes once a year.