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Elmer's Special Day

Elmer's Special Day

David McKee
Picture Book  Series
For ages 4 to 6
Andersen Press USA, 2009   ISBN: 978-0761351542

Very soon, it will be Elmer’s Day, and all the elephants in the jungle are getting ready. Every year on Elmer’s Day, the grey elephants decorate themselves with bright colors and they have a parade. The elephants are having a grand time getting ready and they are making quite a racket. In fact, they are being so noisy that the other animals in the jungle are getting a little annoyed.

Elmer asks his friends to be a little quieter, and for a while they do tone down the volume a little, but not for long. Soon the elephants are making more noise than ever. Elmer decides that there is only one thing to do, and he invites the other jungle animals to join the parade. Surely if they too become part of the celebration, they won’t mind the noise. Elmer never guesses that the animals will have a surprise for him and the other elephants.

In this colorful and heartwarming picture book, the author explores the idea that the best kind of celebration is the kind that includes everyone. Children will love the surprise the jungle animals come up with, and they will enjoy looking at the wild and wonderful ways in which the animals (all of the animals) decorate themselves.