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Elmer and the Rainbow

Elmer and the Rainbow

David McKee
Picture Book  Series
For ages 4 to 6
Andersen Press USA, 2011   ISBN: 978-0761374107

One day, after a big storm, Elmer the patchwork elephant notices that the rainbow that came after the storm is colorless. For some reason, it is a pale streak across the sky instead of the usual beautiful arch of color. Elmer and the other animals in the jungle are appalled when they see the rainbow, and Elmer quickly decides that he has to find the beginning or the end of the rainbow so that he can give the rainbow his colors.

Soon the jungle is full of animals who are all looking for the rainbow. All the animals want to have a proper rainbow again, but some are a little worried about Elmer. Giraffe wonders what will happen to Elmer if he gives the rainbow his colors. Will he become grey like the other elephants? Will be become colorless like the rainbow?

In this charming picture book, David McKee helps young children to understand that there are some things in life that are limitless. No matter how much love you give away, and no matter how much happiness you share with others, there is always more of both. This is a message many young children need to hear, and with Elmer’s help, they hear it in a way that is accessible and heart-warming.