Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Elephant Soup

Elephant Soup

Ingrid and Dieter Schubert
Picture Book
For ages 4 to 7
Lemniscaat , 2010   ISBN: 978-1590788073

There are days when the mouse feels “down in the dumps. On these days, he invites his friends over, he gets a huge pot, and he and his friends prepare elephant soup. Everyone knows that when you are “feeling blue” elephant soup is the only thing that helps.

While his friends fill the pot with water and build a fire, the mouse catches the elephant. Then the mice give the elephant a scrub, put it in the pot, and let it “simmer till nice and pink.” Then they add their favorite veggies to the soup and season it until it is ready. Of course, you have to remember the lid of the pot, otherwise your whole plan can go awry.

This is the perfect book to read on a blue, “down in the dumps” sort of day, because it is funny and has a perfect ending that will bring a smile to the glummest of faces. The story is very simple, but it shows to great effect that even when things are looking pretty dismal, there may be a way to turn a bad situation into a good one.

Children will be drawn to the characters in this story, and the artwork is deliciously amusing.