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Ed Emberley’s Make a World Drawing Book

Ed Emberley’s Make a World Drawing Book

Ed Emberley
Nonfiction Drawing Book
For ages 5 and up
Little Brown, 2006   ISBN: 978-0316789721

Have you ever wished that you could draw a whole world? Perhaps you have wanted to draw a magical scene full of castles, knights, dragons, and princesses. Perhaps you have wanted to draw a train rushing through the countryside which is full of towns, people, mountains, rivers and lakes.

Plans like these so often fall apart however when you find that dragons are impossible to draw or when you discover that your people look more like insects than people. With this book in hand you will learn that there is a way to get around these problems. It is called the Ed Emberley method. What Emberley does is to make an object very simple. He uses squares, circles, lines and other shapes to create his drawings and he shows you how to do it yourself. Once you have tried his method out you will find that you can simplify almost anything to make is drawable and in no time you will be creating all kinds of worlds full of people, animals, vehicles, houses, fantastical creatures and more.

At the back of the book Emberley offers up some suggestions of what you can do with your creations once they are completed. Among other things he suggests using your illustrations to make books, comics, posters, and letter paper.