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Eco Babies Wear Green

Eco Babies Wear Green

Michelle Sinclair Colman
Illustrator:  Nathalie Dion 
Board Book
For ages 2 to 4
Tricycle Press, 2008   ISBN: 1582462534

Believe it or not, one is never too young to be a nature loving environmentalist. Take a look at the babies and toddlers in this book for example. Not only do they wear green diapers, but they hug trees, they carpool, they make use of solar energy, they “eat local,” they find ways to save water, they compost unwanted food, they recycle things in a very creative way, and they save electricity by turning off lights.

Eco-friendly grownups will find it hard to find a book which is better suited - greenwise - for the babies and toddlers in their life. Little children will discover that even they, young as they are, can do things to care for their environment, and grownups will find a way to introduce green concepts to their young charges.

With wonderful multimedia artwork throughout, this board book is not only entertaining and informative, but it will definitely put smiles on the faces of the grow ups who read it out loud.