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Earth Smart Crafts

Earth Smart Crafts

Carrie Anton
Nonfiction Craft Book
For ages 9 to 12
American Girl, 2009   ISBN: 978-1593694852

These days many of us are learning how to do our part to save the planet. We recycle at home, work, and school; we use energy efficient light bulbs, we ride our bicycles instead of using our cars, and we do our part to reduce our trash output. Unfortunately, we often find that we are still collecting a lot of stuff that we cannot really use any longer. Plastic bags, scraps of paper, pieces of fabric, pull tabs from cans, empty CD cases, and much more. What should we do with it all?

This excellent little book shows young people how they can literally turn trash into treasure. The book is full of projects that show crafters how to use what would be trash make “trendy pieces to wear, dress up your space, and give as gifts.”

The book begins by showing crafters what they will need in terms of supplies, and how to collect the materials they are going to need to make the projects in the book. Next, young people will find out how to make accessories that are made out of plastic bags, an old wool sweater, leftover wrapping paper, can pull tabs, plastic container lids, and other things that would otherwise get thrown away.

If you want to give you room a green “redo,” then the next chapter is for you. Here you will find projects that show you how to make a nameplate, decorative tiles, jewelry drawers, and other items that will make your room colorful and unique looking.

The next section shows crafters how to make items that will make great gifts. You will learn how to make pencil holders, ornaments, gift sacks, and other crafty things that will charm friends and family members.

With easy-to-follow directions and excellent photographs throughout, this craft book is sure to appeal to young people who like the idea of making something new out of something used or old.