Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Earth Day

Earth Day

Linda Lowery, Gaylord Nelson
Illustrator:  Mary Bergherr 
For ages 5 to 8
Lerner, 2003   ISBN: 978-1575056203

When Gaylord Nelson was a United States Senator he began to notice that America?s environment and natural resources were being abused, overused, polluted, and destroyed. He came up the idea of holding a massive one-day demonstration to get the American people out onto the streets. It was his hope that such a demonstration would attract the attention of the politicians in Washington. So on Earth Day 1970 twenty million Americans left their work places and their homes to show that they wanted to see their government do something to protect the environment. Since then Earth Day has gown to become a day when people all around the world show their support and enthusiasm for environmental laws, policies, and organizations.

It is also a day when we celebrate the natural wonders that exist on our planet and when we take the time to realize how lucky we are to live here. In so doing we are reminded that such beauties cannot be taken for granted and that we have to do all that we can to protect our planet from pollution, urbanization, development, and other forms of environmental degradation.

In this easy-to-read title, young readers will be introduced to Gaylord Nelson?s work and words. They will come to see how one man was able to capture the interest of millions and how his voice was the voice of people all over the world who were getting concerned about the way in which humans were abusing the environment. The concept of environmental protection is explained and readers will come to see how essential it is that we all make a concerted effort to take care of our planet and to make ?Every Day an Earth Day.?

At the back of the book children will find tips on what they can do to help.