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Dylan's Day

Dylan's Day

Tim Hutchinson
Picture Book
For ages 5 to 7
Pinwheel Books, 2013   ISBN: 978-0985424817

It is morning, and Dylan the dog is ready for another day to begin. After a stretch and a yawn, and after checking the bed “to see if the sleep has gone,” Dylan sets off to find the cat that lives next door.

   Of course, being a naturally curious and interested dog, Dylan has to sniff things that he considers are important. Things like “bread and windows and where a bluebird sits.” He also has to find things like some old rope and a watering can, and he has to follow things like bees, balls, and butterflies. He has to chase things too, naturally, but most importantly of all he has to find that big fat cat that lives next door.

   Readers are going to laugh out loud as they follow the adventures of Dylan, a dog on a mission. He is such a comical character and the author beautifully captures his personality and his dedication to his search. One can tell at once that the author had a deep fondness for dogs, and he understands and appreciates the way the world looks through the eyes of a dog.