Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Duck Skates

Duck Skates

Lynne Berry
Illustrator:  Hiroe Nakata 
Picture Book
For ages 2 to 4
Henry Holt, 2005   ISBN: 0805072195

Five ducks wake up one winter day to discover that it is snowing outside. There is no time to waste and soon all five are outside in their “bright new boots” and their snowsuits. Down to the pond they go and, after putting on their skates, the little ducks go out onto the ice. They “wiggle,” “topple” and “giggle” as they all fall down and get up again.

Then two of the little ducks see a sign and they get a wonderful idea. They lead the way across the ice and straight into an enormous snow bank. Then a snowball fight ensues. What a wonderful time they all have on this snow filled day.

With charming, delicate and often amusing watercolor paintings and a simple rhyming text, this picture book celebration of a day spent playing in the snow will give young readers lots of pleasure. Surely there is nothing quite like spending a day outdoors on a snowy day with lots of companions to play with.