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Duck & Goose, Goose Needs a Hug

Duck & Goose, Goose Needs a Hug

Tad Hills
Board book  Series
For infants to age 4
Random House, 2012   ISBN: 978-0307982933

It is a pleasant day with a blue sky that is dotted with puffy clouds. Duck and duck’s friends are outside and they decide to play hide-and-seek, but Goose doesn’t seem to want to participate. Duck and the two other little birds decide to play tag and they also decide that Goose is “it,” but Goose does not seem interested in a game of tag either.

   The three friends suggest standing on their heads, splashing in puddles, or singing a “happy song,” but none of these things appeal to Goose at all. The friends start to think that perhaps they need to be doing something to help Goose cheer up.

   All of us have days when the things that usually make us happy don’t seem to be able to push away gloomy or sad feelings. At times like these it is not always easy to know how to help someone who has the blues.

   In this sweet board book Tad Hills and his little bird friends show little children how important it is to listen to what friends have to say. If we listen, we can figure out how to help the people we care about, and sometimes the solution is a simple yet powerful one.