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Duck and Goose: Colors

Duck and Goose: Colors

Tad Hills
Board Book  Series
For infants to age 3
Random House, 2015   ISBN: 978-0553508062

Duck and Goose are a pair of little birds whose charm has captured the hearts of little children all over the world. They have their ups and downs, it is true, but they are true and staunch friends no matter what happens.

   In this colorful board book we go into Duck and Goose’s world where they and their friends help us to get familiar with nine colors. As always, the expressions on the characters faces are appealing and they often they do things that will resonate with little children. For example, on the page for the color black we are told that, “The end of Goose’s beak is BLACK, like ants.” The artwork shows Goose lying on his tummy watching a line of ants walk by. On another page Goose is staring fixedly at a green inchworm, which is inching its way along a thin tree branch. Goose’s rapt interest in what he is seeing is amusing, and little children will completely understand why Goose is doing what he is doing.

   On all the pages the scenes we see have a natural feel to them. We see Duck, Goose, Thistle, and Bluebird doing everyday kinds of things like looking at the sea, sitting in a field of buttercups, and playing on a sandy beach with a ball, a shovel, and a pail. As they explore the pages children will see how colors make even the simplest things more interesting.