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Dream Doodle Draw! Under the sea

Dream Doodle Draw! Under the sea

Sonali Fry
Illustrator:  Migy Blanco 
Drawing book
Simon and Schuster, 2014   ISBN: 978-1481404532

When you need a little quiet time, or when it is too hot, too cold or too wet to go outside, there is nothing quite like sitting in a cozy spot to draw. The Dream Doodle Draw books provide children with the perfect jumping off point to have a grand drawing adventure, and in this title in the series children can “dive in to the world under the sea.”

With pencils and colors in hand, children can color in drawings, add doodle faces to star fish, and give an orca a wonderful tasty treat to dream about. We are told that the orca is “dreaming about something yummy” and we are asked to draw our own favorite treat in the orca’s thought bubble. Next, there is a page full of shells that need to be decorated, and on the following page we need to help a mother blue whale find her calf by completing a maze puzzle. On the next page something else has been lost. In this case there is an anchor in the sea, which the fish are very interested in, but the ship that the anchor belongs to missing and we have to draw it in. A search-and-find activity comes up next, and then we get to write a message for the message-in-a- bottle.

There are pages and pages of activities to complete in this excellent doodle and drawing book. Children can color their way through the book, and also solve puzzles, complete connect-the-dot drawings and more.