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Dream Doodle Draw: Farm Friends

Dream Doodle Draw: Farm Friends

Hannah Eliot
Illustrator:  Migy Blanco 
Drawing and Activity Book
For ages 5 to 7
Simon and Schuster, 2015   ISBN: 978-1481425575

One of the wonderful things about books is that they can take us to places all over the world. On the pages of a book we can visit the Great Wall of China. We can see the Statue of Liberty in New York, or we can dance by the light of the moon on an iceberg. We can also go to places like museums and zoos, circuses and fairs. In this book we are going to travel out into the country to visit a farm.

When we first open the book we are presented with a farm scene that we are invited to color in. The sun is coming up behind some hills, and cows, chickens, a pig and the farmer - who is driving a tractor – are getting started with their day. On the following page six pigs are having a glorious time playing in the mud and we are asked to add some more pigs to the scene.

Next we see a picture showing some chickens having a little fun. A few of them are being sneaky and they are staying hidden. We need to find eight chickens in the picture and then we can color in the whole scene.

Later on in the book we have to help a farmer make her way through a hay maze so that she can get back to her barn. We also get to complete a dot-to-dot picture and give five newly hatched chicks names.

What is fun about this drawing and activity book is that it allows us to enjoy many aspects of farming and country life. We go to a country store, attend a dance, take a hayride, pick strawberries, race a tractor, solve puzzles, complete pictures, find things in pictures and more.

With a set of colors and a pencil in hand children will be able to enjoy this book for hours on end.