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Dream Doodle Draw! Castles and Kingdoms

Dream Doodle Draw! Castles and Kingdoms

Hannah Eliot
Illustrator:  Isabel Aneil 
Coloring and Activity Book
For ages 5 to 7
Simon and Schuster, 2014   ISBN: 978-1481417129

Many children love to read stories, watch movies, and play games that feature castles, kings, queens, knights, and all the other characters that one expects to find in an old-fashioned kingdom. There is something about the splendor and adventure that one finds in these worlds that is irresistible.

In this coloring and activity book children will find all the kinds of things that make stories about kingdoms so interesting. Among other things there are scenes showing castles, dragons, ceremonies, a town, and a garden, all of which need to be colored in.

There are also pictures that are incomplete, and we are invited to finish them by adding essential elements that will make the pictures whole. For example, at a feast we have to add the food to the empty plates. In addition clothes, cakes, helmets and crowns all need decorations. In some cases we need to add something to a picture so that a story that is being told has the right ending. In one instance we need to draw a moat around a castle so that a dangerous giant cannot get to the princess who is hiding within.

There are many other activities to try as well. The royal pets need us to give them names, we need to help a queen find her way through a maze to the place where her carriage is waiting for her, and we need to connect the dots to find out what kind of creature is sitting on a throne.

With this book, some pencils and some colors in hand, children will be entertained for hours. This would be a perfect title to enjoy on a trip, on a rainy day, or when a child is bored and has “nothing to do.”