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Drawing Dinosaurs

Drawing Dinosaurs

Novelty Art Kit
For ages 7 to 9
Kane Miller Book Publishers, 2012   ISBN: 978-1610670586

Many people find dinosaurs fascinating. It is hard to image that such bizarre and mysterious creatures once walked the earth. Just like animals today, dinosaur species were varied. Some were enormous like the diplodocus, while others were small, like the velociraptor. Some were meat eaters like the famous tyrannosaurus, while others like the stegosaurs and the triceratops were vegetarians. Though there were no birds when dinosaurs walked the earth, there were pteranodons and other flying reptiles.

In this kit, young artists will find all kinds of tools that they can use to draw pictures of dinosaurs. There are twenty-eight pages to color. There are also four pages of stickers which artists can use to embellish their coloring pages, and thirteen pages of “dinosaur skin” paper that can be cut out and used to make the dinosaurs especially lifelike. In addition, for those artists who want to create dinosaur drawings on their own paper, there are three stencils that can be used to create pictures of diplodocus, tyrannosaurus, and triceratops.

At the back of the book, dinosaur fans will find pages full of information about five dinosaur and one pteranodon species.