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Dragonology: A field Guide to Dragons

Dragonology: A field Guide to Dragons

Dugald A. Steer, A.J. Wood
Illustrator:  Douglas Carrel 
Book and Model Set  Series
For ages 8 and up
Candlewick Press, 2007   ISBN: 076363686X

If you are interested in dragons, and if you are considering studying to become a dragonologist, then it is a very good idea to have a field guide on hand to help you identify and understand the dragons that you see in the field.

As one would expect, the book in this guide includes an extensive dragon species classification section. For each of the major species, readers will find information about the animal’s size and shape, it’s coloration, what it likes to eat, where it lives, and much more. There is even information to help with dragon egg identification.

Dr. Ernest Drake has also added two excellent sections that will help would-be dragonologists better understand their subjects. These are “An Introduction to Dragon Spotting,” and “Dragon Evolution.” Both of these sections are packed with important information about dragons.

The book in this guide is made even more useful because Dr. Ernest Drake has included eight mini models of the main dragon species that you might encounter in the field. The models are sure to help you recognize which dragon is which. Who knows, this information may end up saving your life!

This delightful Dragonology title is sure to delight dragon fans of all ages. Full of fascinating dragon information, illustrations, and novelty features, the guide will give readers a real sense of what it would be like to be a dragonologist.