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Dragon Spear

Dragon Spear

Jessica Day George
Fiction  Series
For ages 12 and up
Bloomsbury, 2009   ISBN: 1599903695

Creel has a good life now, but she greatly misses her dragon friends. She has not seen them for many months since they were banished from Feravel, her homeland. The dragons are now living on the Far Isles, and Creel is eager to see how they doing. She is therefore very excited when she, her fiancée Luke, and her brother Hagen leave Feravel to visit the Far Isles.

When the humans arrive on the islands Creel is thrilled to find that her dragon friends are doing very well in their new home. Queen Velika is pregnant, and Creel’s dear dragon friend Shardas is very excited at the prospect of becoming a father. The visit goes very well until something terrible happens, Queen Velika is kidnapped. Shardas, Creel, Luke, Hagen and many of the other dragons set off to rescue the queen and they discover that she is being help captive by a group of dragons who want to make Velika their queen. Desperately Creel and Shardas try to persuade the dragons to let Velika go.

In this wonderful sequel to Dragon Slipper and Dragon Flight, Jessica Day George continues the story of Creel and her friends. This time Creel and the dragons have to find a peaceful way to resolve their problems because if they don’t the consequences could be disastrous.

With humor, adventure, and a touch of romance, this marvelous book is sure to delight readers who enjoy fantasy title.