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Dragon Flight

Dragon Flight

Jessica Day George
Fiction  Series
For ages 12 and up
Bloomsbury, 2008   ISBN: 1599901102

After saving the king’s city, the King’s Seat, from the machinations of an evil princess, Creel’s life has been a good one. She talked the king into giving her a shop to run and her dressmaking business is booming. She is also happy because she knows that her dear friend, the dragon Shardas, is alive and with his beloved mate once more. It is true that Shardas has been through a terrible ordeal, but at least he is on the road to recovery.

Creel loves her work, but she discovers that even work that you love can at times be…boring. She therefore leaps at the chance to do something different. Prince Luka has sent Creel a letter telling her that the King of Citatie has an army of dragons. He plans to use dragons to take over Creel’s homeland of Feravel. Creel gathers together the dragons she knows, and with her friends Marta and Tobin, she flies to Citatie to meet up with Prince Luka.

Creel soon finds out that the king of Citatie has a veritable army of dragons at his disposal. Why is the king bent on invading Feravel, and can anything be done to save Creel’s beloved homeland before it is too late?

With a combination of adventure, fantasy, humor, and a smattering of romance, Jessica Day George continues the story of Creel where it left off at the end of her delightful first book, Dragon Slippers. This time Creel is, if possible, in even more danger, and she has more to lose; this time Creel has a young man whom she is more than a little fond of.

This book (and Dragon Slippers) is a must for readers who like stories about dragons.