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Don't Worry, Douglas!

Don't Worry, Douglas!

David Melling
Picture Book
For ages 4 to 6
Tiger Tales, 2011   ISBN: 978-1589251069

Douglas the bear’s father has given him a wonderful red woolly hat. It has three white pompoms on it, and Douglas dashes outside, eager to show his friends his present. Happily Douglas does a series of cartwheels in front of his sheep friends. By the time Douglas has completed his cartwheels, something dreadful has happened to his hat. It has turned from a hat into “one long string of spaghetti.”

Poor Douglas is terribly upset. What will his father say when he sees what Douglas has done to his brand new hat? Douglas’ friends all have ideas about what Douglas should do with his unraveled hat, but none of these ideas work for Douglas. It looks as if there is only one thing that Douglas can do.

Fessing up when you have broken or lost something is never easy, especially if you are a young bear who doesn’t want to disappoint his dad. In this delightful Douglas title we see how Douglas deals with a very common problem. With laugh-out-loud funny illustrations throughout, this picture book is a must for young children.

Readers who like this title are sure to enjoy David Melling’s first Douglas book, Hugless Douglas.