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Dog Poems

Dog Poems

Dave Crawley
Illustrator:  Tamara Petrosino 
Poetry Picture Book
For ages 7 to 10
Boyds Mills Press, 2007   ISBN: 978-1590784549

Dogs come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. There are poodles with their pompoms who “strut in the park” looking very chic, and then there are “saggy baggy” Basset hounds with their “mournful eyes and wrinkled skin.” Some dogs, like the “shaggy” sheepdog work for a living, while others are pets who have their owners wrapped around their paws.

It does not matter if a dog is a tiny feisty Chihuahua, an enormous gentle Great Dane, or some other breed; it can be depended on to be a good friend, a companion to take on walks, and someone to “snuggle wuggle” with.

Some dogs are active, like the Labrador who loves to play in bodies of water. Others, like “Lazy old Mazy” are active only in their dreams. In real life lazy Mazy dozes and snoozes for hours on end. Many dogs are smart hounds who know how to stay out of trouble. They know, for example, that porcupines and skunks are best left alone. Others are not so savvy, and they end up with quills in their noses or, thinking that a skunk is a “kitty,” end up paying dearly for their mistake.

In this wonderful collection of poems, Dave Crawley celebrates dogs and their doings in a unique way. He introduces us to some popular breeds, and he also tells us the stories of certain dogs. Then there are more general poems that look at certain aspects of dog behavior. For example in “In Telling a Tail,” we learn how to ‘read’ dog tails, and in “Slobberkiss” we see why dogs are so fond of giving the human they love a big wet lick.

With humor and an obvious love for dogs, Dave Crawley celebrates dogs in all their furry, barky, smelly, and slobbery glory.