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Discoveries: Weather

Discoveries: Weather

Sally Morgan
For ages 8 to 11
Barnes & Noble Books, 2003   ISBN: 978-0760746394

Many of us are so used to seeing and hearing weather reports on the T.V and on the radio that we fail to see the "big picture." We fail to see that weather is not just the rain that is falling outside today or the hurricane which hit the coast a month ago. It is something with is going on all the time. It is the cloud cover, the wind, the humidity level in the air, the temperature, all the kinds of precipitation. In other words weather is around us all the time and it is a driving force which affects our planet every minute of every day.

In this excellent book the many forms of the Earth's weather are explored. Readers will not only get to read about "disaster" type weather events but also about the everyday events which we experience on a daily basis. Readers will discover, among other things, what causes lightning, how clouds form, and why rainbows occur. They will also read about some of the men who have helped us better understand our weather over the centuries, and descriptions of some of the weather related myths which are told in countries around the world.

Full of annotated illustrations, maps, diagrams, and photographs, as well as "Did you know?" boxes on many of the pages, this volume will give readers of all ages a fascinating picture of the world?s weather.