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Dexter Bexley and the Big Blue Beastie

Dexter Bexley and the Big Blue Beastie

Joel Stewart
Picture Book
For ages 4 to 8
Holiday House, 2007   ISBN: 978-0823420681

One day Dexter Bexley is out scooting on his scooter when he literally scoots into a Big Blue Beastie. The Beastie, doing what is natural to creatures of his kind, wants to eat Dexter. Dexter then comes up with a "much better idea." He and the Big Blue Beastie go scooting together, and when the Big Blue Beastie gets bored with that, Dexter quickly suggests that they go into business together.

So Dexter and the Big Blue Beastie become business partners; they deliver flowers, and they are very good at it too. Of course the Big Blue Beastie does eventually become very bored with this new activity, and Dexter then has come up with a new job for them to do so that he doesn't get eaten. This time he and the Big Blue Beastie go into the detective business.

Eventually the Big Blue Beastie announces that he is hungry. Even when he is full of ice cream he says that "it wasn't quite enough." Dear me, is poor Dexter Bexley going to have to resign himself to being eaten after all?

Children who live in fear of running into monsters who might want to eat them will find that this book is just want they need to allay their fears. They will discover that even the fiercest of beasties needs more than food - they also need friends. Absolutely charming illustrations and delightful comic book style balloon conversations make this a one-of-a-kind picture book.