Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Deep Wizardry

Deep Wizardry

Diane Duane
Fiction  Series
For ages 10 and up
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2003   ISBN: 978-0152049423

Kit and Nita are on vacation, at the beach with Nita's family for some well earned rest and relaxation. According to the Nita's copy of the book of wizardry she and Kit are "Vacationing: emergencies only." Then Nita and Kit meet a dolphin and everything changes. Their status in the book is amended to "On active status" for some reason. Both the children can certainly feel that something is up. Kit has felt that the "rocks are upset" and when they encounter the dolphin the second time the young wizards find out just how messed up things really are.

The dolphin takes Kit and Nita to a place where a wizard whale called S'reee is beached, injured, and being attacked by sharks. The children are able to rescue and heal her and after she sees how well they manage their magic she asks them for their help. Apparently all is not well in the ocean. A malevolent force is making itself felt and if it is not subdued by the casting of a powerful song spell, disaster will follow. Underwater earthquakes will occur and probably millions of people along the shore will die. At the moment more whaling ships than ever are killing whales and the pollution is terrible. This situation will only get worse. S'reee explains how they must "bind It, make It less harmful."

To do this Kit and Nita will need to join Sreee in what is called the Song of the Twelve, a magical song which whale wizards sing to subdue the force and to keep it bound. Kit and Nita agree to help. They both have to become whales and this in itself is quite an adventure. Once that is done they travel with S'reee to gather up the wizard whales who will sing, to rehearse, and to learn about the sea.

What they do not expect is that one of the twelve is not a whale at all - he is an enormous shark, the Master Shark. Nita is not altogether sure what the Master Shark is supposed to do since sharks cannot sing the way whales can. Then she finds out the horrible truth. The shark is there to do what he does best - to kill and eat. And she, in the role of the Silent Lord in the song is the one who must be sacrificed if the spell is going to work. Not surprisingly Nita is not keen on dying and dying in such a way terrifies her. But, at the same time, letting millions of people die because she is too afraid to do what must be done is not acceptable either. If only there was another solution.

In this second book in the Young Wizards series, Nita and Kit once again come up against their enemy, the Lone Power. This time, they battle against his power in the company of whales and other ocean creatures. They learn all kinds of things about the whales and the ocean and how humans have damaged the oceans with their careless behavior. They also learn that all is not what it seems. A shark may seem to be a ruthless killer but he can be more than that as well, much more.

Packed with surprises off all kinds and coming to a stunning finale, this book will leave fantasy fans reeling. Without a doubt readers will want to find out what happens next in this very unique series.