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Dazzling Dragonflies: A Life Cycle Story

Dazzling Dragonflies: A Life Cycle Story

Linda Glaser
Illustrator:  Mia Posada 
Nonfiction Picture Book
For ages 5 to 7
Millbrook Press, 2008   ISBN: 978-0822567530

A female dragonfly carefully flies down to a pond and lays her eggs in the water. The eggs sink to the bottom and soon little nymphs hatch out. Unlike its mother, a baby dragonfly doesn't have wings, "not quite, not yet." Before it can grow wings,  the nymph needs to eat and grow. It sheds its skin many times as it gets bigger and bigger.

At last the day arrives when the dragonfly climbs out of the water and sheds its skin for the last time. When it emerges, it is no longer a wingless nymph. Instead, it has two sets of lovely wings, big eyes, and a healthy appetite.

Many children are fascinated by jewel like dragonflies, which can fly so fast and with such agility. This book will introduces children to the life cycle of the dragonfly and as they peruse the pages they will discover how much the insect changes as it grows up. At the back of the book the author answers many dragonfly questions. For example, she tells her readers how long dragonflies live, how many types of dragonflies there are, and how fast the insects fly.

For her book Linda Glaser uses a very interactive style of writing. She asks questions, she 'talks' to the dragonfly and to the nymph, and she gets involved in the little insect's life.

To compliment this life story, Mia Posada has created some marvelous paper art illustrations, which are sure to impress and delight readers with their beauty and creativity.