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Davy's Summer Vacation

Davy's Summer Vacation

Brigitte Weninger
Illustrator:  Eve Tharlet 
Picture Book  Series
For ages 5 to 7
NorthSouth Books, 2018   ISBN: 978-0735842786

One day Davy the rabbit is playing by the pond when his friend Wendy Wildgoose lands next to him. Wendy then proceeds to tell him all about the trip that her family made to visit the Big Water. They all had a wonderful time playing in the sand, swimming, and seeing “all kinds of new things.” Not surprisingly, Davy wishes that he too could go on such a trip and why shouldn’t he? He might not have wings like the goose, but he does have powerful legs.

Davy dashes home and he tells his parents and siblings about Wendy Wildgoose’s trip to the Big Water. Soon the little rabbits and Father Rabbit are talking excitedly about making the journey. Mother Rabbit is worried that it will be too far, but Father Rabbit is sure that they will be able to manage.

It soon becomes clear that perhaps Mother Rabbit was right. The rabbits need to take a great deal of stuff with them and they have no way to get it there. When they ask the mail delivery bunny how much it would cost to mail their possessions to the Big Water, the figure he quotes them is more than they can afford. By a lot. It would seem that a vacation at the beach just isn’t going to be possible after all. Davy and the rabbit children are deeply disappointed. And then Davy gets an idea.

This wonderful Davy story explores the idea that sometimes the thing you are seeking is not as hard to get to as you think it is. Sometimes, with a little creativity, you can have a grand time doing something that is not exactly what you dreamed of, but that ends up being wonderful all the same.