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Davy Loves His Mommy

Davy Loves His Mommy

Brigitte Weninger
Illustrator:  Eve Tharlet 
Picture Book  Series
For ages 5 to 7
NorthSouth, 2014   ISBN: 978-0735841642

One day Davy Rabbit comes home late and his mother has to remind him to apologize for being late for lunch and to wash his paws. She does not want him to talk about the burping contest that he had with his friends because “We don’t talk about things like that at the dinner table.” When Davy asks about Mother’s Day (to change the subject) he learns that it is coming up on Sunday.

   After the meal is over, Davy and his siblings confer about what they should give their mother for Mother’s Day. Mia suggest a doll, Manni suggests a pirate ship, Lina thinks a security blanket would be a good gift, and Max thinks that their mother would like “something nice to nibble on.” In short, everyone suggests what he or she would like for a gift. Davy is the only one who knows that mother bunnies do not necessarily want what their children want. He suggests that their mother would like to have five well-behaved children.

   Max gets a book about “The Well-Raised Bunny” and the five siblings get to work. Max is the only one who can read, so he begins by tells his siblings how to behave at table. It is not easy, but they all work very hard. Now they have to figure out how to show Mother Rabbit their new skills, but they don’t know how to prepare a nice Mother’s Day meal.

   Finding the perfect gift for a much loved mother isn’t always easy, especially when you are young and you are not sure what that a mother would like. In this delightful Davy title, we see how the young rabbit and his siblings find a way to make their mother’s special day one that she will remember for years to come. Sometimes the best gifts are the ones that are intangible but that come from the heart.