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Dancing in My Nuddy-pants Audio

Dancing in My Nuddy-pants Audio

Louise Rennison
For ages 14 and up
Unabridged audiobook (CD)
Performed/read by: Stina Nielsen
Recorded Books, 2003   ISBN: 978-1402545900

Having the Robbie the Sex God as a boyfriend is, without a doubt, a truly a wonderful thing. After all, Georgia is the envy of every girl in town, and this naturally fills her with smugosity. Not to mention the fact that just looking at gorgeous Robbie makes Georgia feel decidedly weak in the knees. However, Georgia does wonder sometimes why it is that she has so little so say to the Sex God. What does one talk about with a Sex God anyway?

When Robbie announces that he will probably be going to Los Angeles to become a big music star, Georgia is determined to go with him. After all, she is his girlfriend isn’t she? The problem is that she isn’t quite sure how she is going to convince her parents that this is a good idea, and then there is the issue of her red-bottomosity. Is it normal that she finds Dave the Laugh attractive and that she keeps snogging him by accident? Why does she care that he and Ellen are going out. It is all very confusing.

Growing up is, at the best of times, rather complicated. Thankfully Georgia Nicolson is around to put things in perspective. She makes anyone else’s life look positively boring. Georgia has odd friends, a decidedly peculiar little sister, a bizarre pet wild cat, and she seems to get into situations that are so odd that you cannot help believing in them. All in all Georgia Nicolson’s adventures are, without a doubt, downright hilarious.

Read with an obvious appreciation for what it is like to be a teenage girl, this audiobook is sure to bring forth guffaws, giggles, and hoots of laughter. Prepare yourself for a wonderfully funny audio experience.