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D-Day: The Story of Lieutenant Andy Pope, Normandy 1944

D-Day: The Story of Lieutenant Andy Pope, Normandy 1944

Bryan Perrett
Historical Fiction  Series
For ages 12 and up
Scholastic UK, 2004   ISBN: 978-0439967891

Though Andy’s father had been an infantry soldier in World War I and though he had heard a little about his father’s experiences, Andy doesn’t really know what he is getting himself into when he signs up. Andy has just turned eighteen and has left school with good grades so he has every prospect of being able to become an officer.

After much training and hard work Andy does indeed become an officer and he has to get used to having to fill all sorts of roles. He not only has to oversee his men’s training and lead them into battle but he finds that he also has to take care of their needs, be aware of their personal problems, and help them when they are in trouble.

By the time Andy and his men are ready to serve their country in the fight against Nazi Germany, Britain and its allies are preparing to invade France. When Andy learns what is going to be asked of him and his men he cannot help feeling anxious. Will he be able to do what is asked of him? Will he have a lot of casualties?

In this well researched and interesting book we stand by Andy’s side as he and his men land on the beaches in Normandy and make their way inland. Through Andy we are able to experience what it must have been like to play hide and seek with the Germans amongst the hedgerows of the Norman countryside and what it must have felt like to be called upon to hold back the enemy even when the odds were against you. This is exactly what happened to Andy and his men when the Germans were making their last stand against the allies on French soil. With too few men under his command Andy had to hold his position in a little French village just long enough for help to arrive. This he did but with a large loss of life on both sides of the conflict.