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Curious Kids Go on Vacation: Another Big Book of Words (Big Book of Words Series

Curious Kids Go on Vacation: Another Big Book of Words (Big Book of Words Series

Heloise Antoine
Picture Book
For ages 5 to 7
Peachtree Publishers, 1997   ISBN: 1561451436

It is time to go on a vacation, and the members of the Curious family are getting ready for their trip. What should they take and how much can they fit into their suitcases and bags? The little girl packs Bobo her stuffed bunny, and the little boy wants to take his tape player along.

After Mom and Dad get the car all loaded up, they set off.  There are lots of things to look at as they drive down the highway. The children look out of the windows and see signs, traffic lights, tollbooths, and vehicles of all kinds.

Here are the twins with their grandparents, having a picnic in the countryside. Grandpa has brought a fishing rod, the little boy has picked some flowers, and Grandma is laying out the food and drink on a blanket in the grass.

This is just the beginning of their adventures because the twins are going to travel on a train, they are going to go to the beach, and they are going to go on a ferry. They will also go camping, they will visit the mountains, they will go to an airport, and they will try to find something to do on a rainy day.

In this wonderful word book, young readers can follow the adventures of twins as they go on vacation with their family. On every page, a central illustration is surrounded by small pictures of things that relate to the theme on that page. For example on the camping page, we see pictures of a crescent moon, a camp stove, a cooler, a camper, an ant, and backpacks. Each little picture is labeled with its name. Children who cannot read yet can practice remembering the names of the things that they see on the pages, and children who can read can practice reading the name labels for themselves. Readers will be delighted to discover that some objects appear on every double page spread.

This is one in a series of word picture books featuring the Curious Kids.