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Craft Sale

Craft Sale

The Editors at American Girl
Illustrator:  Ali Douglas 
Novelty Craft Kit
For ages 10 and up
American Girl Publishing Inc, 2008   ISBN: 978-1593693442

Most girls love to make craft items for themselves and for friends and family. Making things with ribbons and beads, colorful papers and fabrics, and other crafty items can be so much fun, but there comes a time when one has more crafts then one knows what to do with! This excellent kit shows girls that they can sell their crafts to make spending money, and that it really isn’t that hard to do.  The kit includes a how-to book, an invoice pad, a ledger, business cards, price tags, stickers, a rubber stamp, various stickers, and more.

In the book readers will find an excellent introductory “Business Basics” section that helps would-be business women to understand how to set up and run their craft business. Readers will come to understand how to plan their craft sale, how to price their wares, how to display what they make, and more. Then there are four craft sale chapters: “Spring Craft Show,” “Summer Stand,” “Fall Festival,” and “Winter Bazaar.” In each chapter there are ideas for four crafts ideas that are seasonal and easy to make. Each craft idea page includes a list of supplies, directions on how to make the craft, how much the supplies cost, how much to charge for the item, and how much profit the crafter can expect to make on each sale. The directions are easy to follow, and photographs show crafters what the finished craft will look like. Craft ideas include bookmarks, decorated pencils, magnets, picture frames, cups of cat grass, and mini charm books.

This kit would make a perfect gift for girls who like to make things with their hands and who like to try something new.