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Counting with Wayne Thiebaud

Counting with Wayne Thiebaud

Susan Goldman Rubin
Nonfiction Board Book
For ages 2 to 4
Chronicle Books, 2007   ISBN: 978-0811857208

Limber up your counting fingers and get ready to go a sticky, sweet, savory, and deliciously tasty number journey through the artworks of Wayne Thiebaud. Some of the artworks are paintings, some are drawings, and some are etchings. All of them show items of lovely looking food, and it is likely that by the time you come of the end of this scrumptious board book, you might be feeling just a little hungry.

We begin with a single piece of cream covered pie and by the time we get to the four frosted cupcakes with their four little shadows, tummies may be rumbling. The six candied apples seem to invite "6 candied licks" with their shiny red shells, and as for those nine party cakes, well it is almost more than a person can stand.

Beautifully reproduced images of Thiebaud's art, a simple text, and perfect pastel backgrounds make this a board book which little children will enjoy looking at and coming back to again and again. After all, who can resist such delicious looking treats.