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Countdown to Christmas: A Roly Poly Book

Countdown to Christmas: A Roly Poly Book

Kees Moerbeek
Novelty Book
For ages 4 to 6
Child's Play International Ltd, 2001   ISBN: 0859538443

Children love a good countdown. They love to anticipate the moment when they get to the end. Waiting for Christmas can feel like a countdown, and sometimes getting to Christmas day seems to take forever.

This unique roly poly book gives children a new way to countdown to Christmas, and it helps them to practice their numbers at the same time. When they begin to unroll the box, children are presented with a pop-up of a Christmas tree with “ten shiny decorations.” Unfold the box again, and they see a pop-up of “nine jolly elves” smiling up at them. Next, there are “eight exciting toys,” which include a nutcracker, a teddy bear, a toy train, a toy drum, and a doll. The roly poly book ends with a grand finale for number one.

This novelty book would make a great early holiday gift for girls and boys alike.