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Cool Dog, School Dog

Cool Dog, School Dog

Deborah Heiligman
Illustrator:  Tim Bowers 
Picture Book
For ages 4 to 6
Marshall Cavendish, 2009   ISBN: 0761455612

Tinka is a “fun dog” who loves to spend time with her boy. She is usually a very cheerful pup, but when her boy goes to school, she becomes a “sigh dog” and a “cry dog.” Tinka hates to be alone, and as soon as she has the opportunity, she sneaks out of the house and she runs straight to the school to be with her boy.

What a mess Tinka makes when she gets to the school. She knocks over a delivery man, she crashes into a wall and sends balls flying, and she causes a great deal of disruption in her young master’s classroom. What are they going to do with Tinka? Will they have to send the “makes-our-teacher-mad dog” home?

With its catchy rhymes, this delightful book is the perfect title to read aloud to children. They will love the scrapes that Tinka gets into, and they will love the happy ending. For readers who have dogs in their lives, this book will confirm what they knew all along, that dogs love to be read to!