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Cook it in a cup

Cook it in a cup

Julia Myall
Photographer: Greg Lowe
Novelty Cooking Kit
For ages 5 to 8
Chronicle Books, 2008   ISBN: 978-0811859561

Cupcake cups are for making cupcakes right? Yes, but you can also use them to make all kinds of other things, unexpected things. You can make sweet things like muffins and you can make savory things like an egg frittata. Eggs? Yes indeed. Silicone cups can be used to make a variety of dishes for any meal that you can imagine because they are so versatile. They are non-stick, oven safe, microwave safe, and they can be put in the freezer as well. So, you can have eggs and muffins for breakfast, mini lasagnas for lunch, chicken potpies for dinner, and brownies for dessert. All of these things can be made using the six little silicone cupcake cups that are included in this kit.

In the included cookbook the author begins by telling her readers how to use the cups and how to be careful in the kitchen. She then goes on to give young cooks breakfast recipes, "mini main courses," "super little sides," and "sweet treats." For each recipe the author has a little description of the dish being made, an ingredient list, and a how-to section. Some recipes include serving suggestions, or ideas on how to make the dish a little differently.

The directions for every recipe are easy to follow and they don't require skills that would be beyond a child. Throughout the book steps that might be a little difficult (chopping, moving hot things, using a sharp knife) are marked with an exclamation symbol to indicate that extra care is needed or that adult help might be required.

With a well written text and excellent color photographs throughout the cookbook, this kit would make a great gift for a young cook.