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Conspiracy 365: January

Conspiracy 365: January

Gabrielle Lord
Fiction  Series
For ages 10 to 14
Kane/Miller Book Publishers, 2010   ISBN: 978-1935279495

On New Year’s Eve, fifteen-year-old Callum Ormond is walking home, minding his business, when a seemingly deranged old man grabs onto him and warns him not to let the “Ormond Singularity” destroy his life the way it destroyed his father’s life. The man tells Cal to “lie low until midnight December 31st of next year.” Apparently, Cal has 365 during which he should to stay hidden.

At first, Cal does not believe a word that he hears. Surely, the old man was raving. What could he possibly know about Cal’s father, who died of an illness some months ago? Then, in a very short period of time, Cal’s life starts to spiral out of control. Someone deliberately sabotages his boat and Cal barely escapes drowning. Then he is kidnapped. Then, as if this was not more than enough already, someone frames Cal, making it look as if he attacked his little sister and uncle. Without any warning, Cal is forced to run for his life. The police are looking for him and his friend Boges is the only person he can trust.

This fast-paced thriller is sure to capture the interest of readers who like adventure stories. A new book in the series will be released every month for the whole of 2010 so that readers can follow Cal’s adventures without having to wait too long for the next book to come out.