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Commotion in the Ocean

Commotion in the Ocean

Giles Andreae
Illustrator:  David Wojtowycz 
Poetry Board Book
For ages 3 to 5
Tiger Tales, 2011   ISBN: 978-1589258631

The ocean is a very busy place, a place where there is a “curious commotion.” In fact, it is so curious that we are going to take a visit under the waves to meet some of the creatures that live there.

Here are some dolphins who have a very unique way of communicating. Instead of speaking and say “How do you do?” that make noises that to our ears sound like “Click-whistle-squeak.” Then there is the angelfish, a fish that thinks it is the “prettiest thing in the sea,” and the shark that swims through the water with a grin on its face, it jaws open to reveal its long sharp teeth. “Why don’t you come a bit closer?” it asks, and “take a good look inside?”

Near an old wrecked ship, a pair of stingrays swim by, flapping their “wings.” We are warned not too go to close to these creatures because their tails really can sting. We shouldn’t go too near a pair of lobsters either because with a “clippety-clap” and a “snippety-snap” the lobsters can snip our fingers “in two.”

Young children are sure to enjoy the eighteen amusing poems in this colorful board book. They will meet creatures that are familiar, like sharks and turtles, and some that may be new to them, like stingrays and barnacles. Big and small, fierce and benign, these often smiling (sometimes toothy) creatures are sure to capture the interest of little children.