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Clive Is a Librarian

Clive Is a Librarian

Jessica Spanyol
Board Book
For ages 3 to 5
Childs Play , 2017   ISBN: 978-1846439896

Today Clive is going to pretend to be a librarian. He loves books, so this new role that he is going to play suits him perfectly. He begins by gathering up some books, which he sets out on shelves. Then Clive and his friend Asif make library cards, and Clive sets up a checkout desk.

Soon Clive’s friends are participating in the library game. Anisa reads a story to her baby doll, Mina chooses books to borrow, and Clive makes some books recommendations. Amy brings back a huge pile of books that she has borrowed and Clive checks them in.

Children who visit the library might not know that a librarian does a lot of jobs. This book will help girls and boys find out what librarians do with their days, and they might even be tempted to set up their own play library, just as Clive and his friends do.