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Cleo's Alphabet Book

Cleo's Alphabet Book

Caroline Mockford
Picture Book
For ages 2 to 4
Barefoot Books, 2003   ISBN: 978-1841480084

Usually when you look at an alphabet book the words that go with the letters of the alphabet are given to you. You are told for example that "B is for bird." In this book, children get to join Cleo the cat in her alphabet adventure and the set up is a little different.

Here, children are given visual clues and written clues which they can use to figure out what the word for each page is. Thus on the A page they see a picture of Cleo the cat sniffing a bright red apple, and they are told that the word that they are looking for goes with something that is "crunchy, crisp, and red." On the T page we see a picture of Cleo sitting in a tree and we told that the T word "grows green and tall."

With a naïve artistic style that children will immediately love, and with a very charming feline guide to lead readers through the book, this is a title that children will come back to again and again. Children who enjoy this title might want to learn their numbers with Cleo in her Cleo’s Counting Book.