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Cleo in the snow

Cleo in the snow

Caroline Mockford
Picture Book  Series
For ages 2 to 5
Barefoot Books, 2002   ISBN: 1841489514

Cleo the cat wakes up and she yawns. Then she decides to go outside. Something amazing has happened to the outside world. Cleo stares at the garden. It is “all white and cold.” There are snowflakes everywhere. Cautiously Cleo “sniffs” and “swipes” at the snow around her. Caspar the dog “sniffs” and “bites” the snow. It is all very strange indeed.

Then Caspar’s child invites him to go sledding. Caspar seems to enjoy flying down the hill, but Cleo is not too sure about the whole idea. Will she like sledding if she is invited to try it?

With her wonderfully warm and childlike illustrations Caroline Mockford takes young children into the world of Cleo the cat. She perfectly captures the way in which cats respond to snow, and she ends her story in a delightfully cozy and comforting way.

This is just one in a splendid series of books about Cleo the cat.