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Claude in the City

Claude in the City

Alex T. Smith
Fiction  Series
For ages 6 to 8
Peachtree Publishers, 2013   ISBN: 978-1561456970

Claude is a small rather plump dog who lives with Mr. and Mrs. Shineyshoes and who has a sock, Sir Bobblysock, for a friend. One day, after his people have left for the day, Claude decides that he is going to go and visit the city. Claude has never visited the city before so he sees things and has experiences that are quite new to him

   Together Claude and Sir Bobblysock walk down the middle of the street, go to a café, and admire the shops, many of which are very specialized. Some of the shops that they see sell items that Claude cannot even identify. Then Sir Bobblysock finds a shop that sells nothing but berets. Claude is thrilled to find a shop full of his favorite accessory, and he buys “a beret in every color and every pattern.”

   Next, Claude and Sir Bobblysock visit an art museum. Just because one is a dog (or a sock) does not mean that one cannot appreciate art. Claude and Sir Bobblysock look at sculptures and paintings. They are their way to get some lunch when something unexpected happens and Claude ends up causing quite a sensation.

   In this wonderfully funny book readers will get to meet a dog who not only has a splendid sense of adventure, but who also has a decidedly unusual sidekick. Children are going to have a wonderful time exploring the city with Claude and Sir Bobblysock, sharing the two adventures that they have in this title.