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Cinco de Mouse-O!

Cinco de Mouse-O!

Judy Cox
Illustrator:  Jeffrey Ebbeler 
Picture Book
For ages 4 to 7
Holiday House , 2011   ISBN: 978-0823423286

On the fifth of May Mouse wakes and he smells something delicious on the air. Eagerly, Mouse follows the smell through the house, down the alleys, until he comes to the city park. Mouse is amazed to see that the park is full of people celebrating Cinco de Mayo. People are making music, dancing, singing, and eating. It is a Fiesta!

Mouse sees a candy filled Piñata hanging from a tree. The smell of the candy inside the Piñata is almost more than he can stand, but there is no way Mouse can reach the Piñata. Soon he discovers that there is plenty of food for him elsewhere. Happily Mouse eats foods that he has never had before. What he doesn’t know is that Cat has followed him to the celebration and he is patiently waiting for Mouse to make the wrong move.

In this delightful picture book we get to celebrate a Cinco de Mayo celebration through the eyes of a very small mouse. Children will enjoy following Mouse’s adventures and they will also enjoy reading about the Cinco de Mayo celebration with its food, dancing, and other traditions.