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Christmas Kitten, Home at Last

Christmas Kitten, Home at Last

Robin Pulver
Illustrator:  Layne Johnson 
Picture Book
For ages 4 to 8
Albert Whitman & Company, 2010   ISBN: 978-0807511572

Santa has just come home from his yearly journey around the world. It has been a long night and he is tired. Usually on this night, Santa comes home empty-handed, but this time he has a little passenger tucked inside his jacket, a kitten that he rescued while he was making his Christmas Eve deliveries.

Santa would like to keep the kitten at the North Pole, but as Mrs. Claus reminds him, he is allergic to cats. However much Santa might like to keep the kitten, he cannot do so. He and Mrs. Claus are going to have to find a home for the little animal. The problem is that Santa has already made his deliveries for the year, and furthermore, he has a policy of not giving children a pet for Christmas unless the children’s parents give their permission. What is Santa and Mrs. Claus going to do with their little Christmas Eve visitor?

This story continues the tale that was begun in Christmas for a Kitten, which was also written by Robin Pulver and illustrated by Layne Johnson. With its heartwarming ending, it is the perfect book to share with a child during the holiday season.