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Christmas for a kitten

Christmas for a kitten

Robin Pulver
Illustrator:  Johnson Layne 
Picture Book
For ages 5 to 7
Albert Whitman, 2003   ISBN: 0807511544

One cold winter night a little kitten is taken away from its mother and thrown away in a sack on the side of a road somewhere. The little kitten survives his ordeal, but now he is all alone in the world. He wants a warm home again, and he misses his mother. Thankfully, the kitten’s mother taught him well, and the little kitten is able to hunt for food.

One day, quite by chance, the little kitten sees some people in the woods. He climbs into the open trunk of their car and he is taken to the people’s home, along with the Christmas tree that they cut down in the woods. The little kitten likes the house he is taken to, until he discovers that an unfriendly dog lives there. What is the kitten going to do now?

In this engaging story readers not only get to follow the adventures of a resourceful and intrepid kitten, but they also get to enjoy a little Christmas magic as well.