Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Christmas Cricket

Christmas Cricket

Eve Bunting
Illustrator:  Timothy Bush 
Picture Book
For ages 3 to 5
Clarion, 2002   ISBN: 978-0618065547

Standing out in the cold and rain Cricket feels very “small and worthless.” What possible purpose could a cricket have in the “bigness” of a big world? Cricket then sets off to look for a dry place to rest. He makes his way under the door of a house, across a slippery floor, across a carpet “soft and fresh as grass” and up into the branches of a Christmas tree that is decorated with lights and ornaments. Then, feeling safe, Cricket decides to sing a song.

Two people in the room hear the song and try to find Cricket in the tree. This terrifies the little insect until he hears the big person say that angels sing not only in the voice of people, but also in the voices of other creatures – including crickets. Why, could it be that Cricket is not worthless after all? Could it be that he has a gift that he can share with others?

In this heart warming picture book, Eve Bunting tells her story with great simplicity and poignancy. Young readers who feel that they too have little to contribute in a big world will begin to ask themselves what they have to offer. In time they will come to realize that they, just like Cricket, have the means to bring happiness into the lives of others.